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I will be playing one of three Bartenders in The Whiskey Tasting; an online, immersive theatre experience. You and up to one other member of your household will join two other households for a whiskey tasting, exploring the history and nuanced varieties of this spirit.

But as your bartender begins to divulge details about their own life, you’ll be inspired to toast to the moments that brought you to where you are today.

Whisky Tasting.jpg

Available now!

I acted in a short film for the horror anthology Chills Down Your Spine. We filmed "Hysteria" in 2018 in Omaha, NE

Review from the Horror Society: “Chills Down Your Spine is my contender for best indie horror film of 2020 and one of the best horror anthologies I’ve seen in a long time.”​

"Hysteria Part 2" will be in production later this year and will be a part of Tingles Down Your Spine, the third in this anthology.



Luster of Lost Things, The Public Theater

Based on the book by Sophie Chen Keller, Public Works Theater work-shopped a play of Luster of Lost Things in December 2019; it was supposed to open in August 2020. I will be playing Ruby and helping to puppeteer different hand made puppets. The show has been rescheduled for an opening in early September 2021.

Luster of Lost things.jpg

Cutting Room Floor, Control Group Productions

This October, Denver's Control Group Productions is taking over the Aurora Fox theater to create a unique"not-a-haunted house" immersive ghost tour. I've had the pleasure of being an assistant stage manager and learning the ins and outs of how Control Group creates their awesome shows! The show has opened to rave reviews, and I'm so proud to have been able to work on this project!


Odyssey Works 2019 Master Class

This August, I spent a week in Rochester, NY with a group of 12 strangers creating a 36 hour experience for one participant. 

While learning experience design techniques we spent a week at the Folk Arts guild preparing meals together and studying our participants life. 

Our goal was to create a transformative experience for our participant, however in doing so we ended up creating transformative experiences for ourselves as well. It was a touching and incredible week, I am looking forward to implimenting all the lessons I learned in future projects.

group photo.jpg


December 2018

Kerfuffle presents Nested explores family, love, and separation in a performance  specifically for children 6 and younger with their families featuring live music, moments of audience participation, and a 10-foot interactive nest!

Nested logo.jpg


The fifth installment of BLUEBARN’s acclaimed immersive theatre series is located once again at Fontenelle’s Neale Woods Nature Center.
Based on the The Tempest by William Shakespeare, Walk the Night: Spirits to Enforce invites the audience to experience the world of the play through any one of fifteen unique perspectives. The events occur in real time, throughout The Neale Woods Nature Center.  There are no set theatre seats. Guests are free to explore. 

Spirits to enforce logo.jpeg


It is summer at the Dairy Maid-Right. When co-workers and recent Pioneer High graduates, Courtney and David, encounter a child migrant, they have to try to work with and against each other to confront duty to family, the meaning of citizenship and the challenge of compassion in America’s Heartland.
By Ellen Struve | Directed by Amy Lane | Featuring Leah Cardenas, Morgan Dobersek, Manny Oñate, Ted Lane, Dennis Stessman. Stage Manager: Jayma Smay, Assistant Director/Dramaturg: Vivian Parr, Assistant Stage Manager: Krista Freimuth, Set Design: Robyn Helwig, Lighting Design: Shea Saladee, Costume Design: Lora Kaup, Sound Design: Shannon Smay, Props: Rae McCreary, Producer: Beth Thompson. In the lobby gallery: Linda Garcia.



October 5-October 29, 2017

I received the wonderful opportunity to play a gender bent version of Benvolio in Bluebarn Theater's Walk the Night; Death Marked Love. 
The talented cast and fantastic crew made this one of my favorite theatrical experiences, thank you all. 
Below is a link to the Omaha World Heralds write up on the show and the space we used; be sure to check out the video on their website as well!


Filmed April-May 2016, released October 20, 2017

Naomi Jones is the third feature film from Fatherson Productions. Written and directed by Tom Knoblauch, the film follows independent filmmaker Naomi Jones as she struggles to make it through a day of shooting her first movie with a high stakes budget.
​The film stars Leah Cardenas as Naomi Jones. Supporting roles are provided by Katie Otten, Liz Matukewicz, Will Wright, David Remus, Rachel Dinan, John Bowen, and Ben Matukewicz.

Check out the trailer as well as the FP Omaha website below! 


Green on Green is the fourth feature film from Aksarben Creative and was written and directed by Tom Knoblauch. Knoblauch previously directed Naomi Jones and co-directed Adoptation and Almost a Weekend. The film was developed late 2016 and early 2017 and began filming in April of 2017. Filming took place in Nebraska and featured a Nebraska-based cast and crew. Green on Green premiered August 9 at Aksarben Cinema in Omaha, Nebraska. The film stars Rachel Dinan as Camille Green, and Leah Cardenas as Rebekah Durst.  

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