Height: 5'4 

Weight: 145 

Hair: Brown 

Eyes: Brown



Naomi Jones                                         Naomi Jones                                    Aksarben Creative

Green on Green                                     Rebekah Durst                                 Aksarben Creative

Return of the Robo-Mummy            Susie                                         Dead Lantern Pictures

The Nuanced Side                                Pepper Swanson                            Aksarben Creative

Hysteria, Chills Down Your Spine     Clementine                              Dead Lantern Pictures


Whisky Tasting                                        Bartender         The Catamounts w/ DCPA Off Center

Luster of Lost Things                                  Ruby                             Public Works Theater

Walk the Night: Death Marked Love    Benvolia Montague        Bluebarn Theater

Dairy Maid Right                                            Alma Vega                        Shelterbelt Theater

Walk the Night: Spirits to Enforce        Fernadel                              Bluebarn Theater

Nested                               Actor                    Kefuffle TVY, Union for Contemporary Arts


Non-Performance Experience

Cutting Room Floor                                                    Assistant Stage Manager, Control Group Productions

Walk the Night: Spirit’s to Enforce                      Assistant Director, Bluebarn

Battles Lost and Won: An Immersive Journey of Macbeth                             Director/Dramaturg, NWU

Fool For Love, Sam Shepard                                 Director, NWU

Othello                                                                             Assistant Dramaturg, NWU  


B.F.A. Acting                                   Nebraska Wesleyan University, Graduated May 2017

Immersive Design Summit Attendee       San Francisco, CA    Feb 22-23, 2019

Third Rail Project Workshop                         Denver, CO      May 11-12, 2019

Odyssey Works Master Class Fellow                  Rochester, NY    Aug. 4-11, 2019

Special Skills:

Singing (mezzo-soprano), basic sewing skills, intermediate yoga, beginning dance skills, costuming skills, makeup design experience, weight-lifting and strength training experience, valid driver’s license, Brooklyn accent, Minnesota/Midwest accent, Sarah Palin impressions, experience dressing up in a gorilla suit.